(Opinion) Appreciating Our Amiable Governor Ayade By Undie Emmanuel

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It is high time for people to appreciate what is good and dependable, especially your own; it is time for Obudu youths to blow their trumpet casting our deep look inside, searching look around and hopeful look ahead. We must give honour to whom honour is due, take it or leave it whether it favours you or not, recalled Ayade as Senator of the 7th Senate made rounds as the Senator with the highest bill sponsorship even as 1st timer in the halo chambers which did not go without records.

As Governor of Cross River State with humble background among the less privileged, he recognised his constituency among the vulnerable, whom he gave zeal to project, impact and leverage the poor street hawkers could find their bearings to live with the statuesque which was a departure from the past hence they were fraudulently oppressed in their little effort to jerk a living within the state especially in Calabar.

On the political arena, Ayade’s appointment which was a total departure from God fatherism usually for mis-fit politicians with 2 left hands without the right hand has been convicted with some now having right hand although some right hands may still be missing in action, we give that to the man Ayade although no man can be perfect.

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We must celebrate our quintessential man of modesty with profound experiential integrity combined with selfless staring humanitarianism excellence services. A man by whom whatever he does claps.

The Governor’s defeat of his political arch-rivalry deserve appreciation and kudus from the mischievous master stroke opposition, a replica of a failed coup plot were successfully and shamefully nailed to the legal cross of the Supreme court, Abuja last year.

It is therefore not argument to the contrary that our man of the moment was voted as the best Governor of the year by a body respected as the 4th Estate of the Ream and at the National Assembly of Nigeria.

He stands out as a visionary leader who has a heart for the poor and is placed on record which remains to be broken in the anal of history as the Governor with the highest political appointees with impact filled as those affected has something to add to their CV, even if without anything to show for it yet positions such as Chairman of Boards, Committee Leaders, Permanent Secretaries, Board membership appointment, Legal Position and even the post of Chief of Staff, ADC to the Governor are not without his consideration, love and God’s divine grace which must be appreciated.

This aside, from the impact of the super highway, deep sea port, cement factory and other earmarked Ayade’s project appreciable.

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Before now, it has been on record that Ayade’s transport brought succour and relive to commuters in Cross River that brought the Transportation from a very high cost of N3,500.00 down to N1,200.00 i.e from Obudu to Calabar.

It is also worth noting of Ayade’s free medical services, free mobile food canteen and scholarship for the vulnerable in the State who partook in this gesture to better their educational standard.

We remain particular grateful to Ayade as young focused man who learn from mistakes to correct issues as the issue making rounds of Governor, Co-Governor, and Deputy Governor where the junior brother was alleged as taking over as the co-Governor has been put to bed. This is even known to discreening minds that have gone to sleep over it with a smile.

The complaint in the Health Sector against Primary Health of illegal deductions against Dr. Betta Edu on the Cross River State Health situation levies and salary issues and other deduction in Health Sectors are issues seeking observation and prompt reaction for investigative correction that must be brought to fore recognising that the vulnerable last hope is on health which should not be handled with kids-globe.

The Obudu youths must partake in willing cooperation, focused, efforts and committed determination and zeal to support and appreciate their own selfless, thoughtful, impact making, workaholic Governor with giant strides to crack down development for the State by stopping at nowhere in wooing foreign investors to the State.

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He remains a man with the fear of God committed to respect of justice, equity, fair play and committed to defending the rights of the innocent. Weak from the strong, the poor from the rich, the oppressed from the oppressors, a man that frowns at the adage of ‘dog eats dog’.

It is the more reason he is committed to prompt payment of workers’ salaries in the State which prayerfully solicit God’s divine intervention and favour to find focus and future to change the change of our character.

Our people must appreciate our amiable Governor considering his landmark efforts on this area:- GM Chronicle, Emma Akpong, Young Permanent Secretary such as Gabriel Akpeke, Mr. Denis Utang, Oscar Asinde and countless Obudu people who are beneficiary from Ayade’s leverage.

Ben indeed is the man of the people whose reign must be blessed and we must do away with the pull him Down syndrome because in between lies, deliberate falsehood and dishonesty lies the truth of intrigues.


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