Biafran Elders Disown Radio Biafra

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The Supreme Council of Elders of Indigenous People of Biafra, has dissociated itself from the brains behind Radio Biafra and their operations, which it said were inciting, belligerent and full of hate speeches.

In a statement signed by its Deputy chairman, Dr Dozie Ikedife, the pro-Biafra group said that the pressure group did not believe in threat or wars, illegality, insults and abuse of individuals or groups in pursuit of self-determination for in­digenous people anywhere.

“We have no business with any group or individual not operating under our customary laws and in obedience to the laws of Nigeria”, it stated.

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“The leadership of the indigenous people of Biafra under the customary laws and in obedience to the laws of Nigeria do not subscribe to violence, rough or abusive language.

“We know that the law has created a wide window, indeed a door, for actualising self determination for indigenous people not just of Biafra but for any other indigenous group.” Dr Ikedife said.

The defendants are justified to arrest, shoot and kill
the children of the claimants for identifying themselves as Biafrans.

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