Breaking: Jonathan’s Ex-CSO Dies in DSS Custody After Buhari Ordered Him Detained has gathered that former President Goodluck Jonathan’s Chief Security Officer (CSO) Mr. Gordon Obua has died.

According to The Trent report, Obua passed away on Monday, July 20, 2015 in the custody of Department of Security Services (DSS) in its Abuja
Headquarters where he had been detained since
Thursday, July 16, 2015 on the orders of
President Muhammadu Buhari.

Sources who have been monitoring the situation
have confirmed Obua’s passing to The Trent.

He was arrested on Thursday when he honoured an invitation by the DSS and had been in solitary confinement until his death.

Obua, who was being detained by the DSS in an
underground dungeon for undisclosed reasons
was being denied access to his lawyers, family,
and his doctors on the orders of the new
Director General of the DSS, Lawal Daura. The
DSS (also called SSS) serves as Nigeria’s secret

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President Buhari appointed Lawal Daura, his
kinsman from his hometown in Katsina on July 2,
as head of the DSS after firing Ita Ekpeyong.

Daura was recalled from retirement as he had
retired from the service of the DSS when he
reached the mandatory age of 60 according to
the Civil Service rules of Nigeria.

Our sources say Obua’s remains are still in the
custody of the DSS at the time of filing this
report. He was held without charges filed against

On July 18, 2015, Onochie Onwuegbuna, the lead
partner at Zeran Legal, has issued a press
statement on behalf of Obua’s family
complaining about the conditions in which his
client was being detained and said that his
client was being witch-hunted by the Buhari
government. He said his client was diabetic and
hypertensive and was being denied his drugs as
well as food and water by the DSS.

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Obua, until his death, was an employee of the
DSS and his employer knew about his medical
conditions but decided, in impunity, to deny him
access to his medicines and doctor, his lawyer

Onwuegbuna said that the Buhari government
had ‘marked’ his client, and other individuals who
held offices in Jonathan’s administration and the
arrest of his client was a scheme, “in other to
implicate them by all means for phantom crimes
or offences”.

A non-governmental organisation, the Society for
Global Justice had issued a statement on Obua’s
continued detention at the DSS, on Saturday
calling for the release of the former Chief
Security Officer.

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Executive director of the group, Mr. Marcus
Ogabe confirmed that Obua was detained at the
SSS headquarters in Abuja since Thursday.

The group also said the continued detention of
Obua is indicative of “the tyrannical, autocratic
and dictatorship tendency of the Muhammadu
Buhari administration”.

“Obua has been detained since last Thursday at
the headquarters of the State Security Services
in Abuja without charge.

“He was also not told the reason for which he is
being detained, the group said.

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