Corruption: PRONACO Sets Constitutional Agenda for Buhari

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Pro National Conference Organisation (PRONACO), has warned that the good intention and widely acclaimed integrity of President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari may be compromised by the present constitutional structure operated by the country if a Constituent Assembly of the Nigeria peoples is not immediately set up to finish the restructuring process started by exiting administration.

The Political movement said this in Lagos on Thursday, while congratulating Buhari, whom the group said was personally inducted as the peoples’ General into the movement’s restructuring agenda by late Chief Anthony Enahoro on 12 June 2006.

The spokesperson of PRONACO, Olawale Okunniyi said the national leader of the defunct Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) should note his discussions with the late sage in 2006 on federalism and restructuring of Nigeria in ensuring there is no alibi of constitutional and structural obstacles to his anti-corruption agenda.

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Okunniyi also said members of Enahoro political family, who stood firmly by Buhari to pivot his political movement in the CPC and later the APC will be proud to see him hit the ground running and taking the bull by the horn to ensure drastic whittling down of Nigeria’s governance structure and paraphernalia through a popular constitutional restructuring.

“But our concern is that In a constitutional democracy unlike military administration, the President elect, Muhammadu Buhari cannot be an island in cleaning up and overhauling the system, so he urgently needs a popular complimentary constitutional foundation to be able to succeed in his anti corruption stance otherwise he would soon be messed up and demystified by the existing constitutional  template and conspiring political class.

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“However, by our understanding of the corrupt nature of the Nigerian constitution, any adherence to the rule of law in the present circumstance is invariably a big boost for Nigeria’s corrupt system.

“The President elect should seriously note this immediately technical point in ensuring that he looks at the processes started by the outgoing president and set up a constituent assembly of the Nigerian peoples to take ownership of Nigeria’s constitution once and for all”, Okunniyi advised.

The movement, while also commending President Goodluck Jonathan for statesmanly conceding deafeat as well as initiating the process of constitutional restructuring of Nigeria,  pledged that it is ready to give its allegiance and all necessary support to the incoming president if he decides to drive a profound constitutional restructuring of Nigeria in deepening Nigeria’s troubled democracy.

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