Elete Indigenes Protest Against Oba’s Imposition By Ambode’s Govt

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ndigenes of Elete Community of Oto-Awori Local Council Development Area of Lagos state, on Tuesday, in their hundreds troop out to appealed to the Lagos state government, to save their community from being plug into crisis by installing the rightful person into the obaship seat of the community.
The indigenes of the community which comprises of youths, men and women, made the appeal during a peace protest held at the Secretariat of Iba Local  Council Development Area of the state, where the traditional rulers in Ojo kingdom were having their meeting with the council chairperson, Mrs. Ramota Oseni.
The indigenes who armed themselves with placards if different inscriptions such as: “Ema ba asa ati Ise waje, meaning” don’t destroy our cultural heritage”, “we want peace and justice”, Elete youths call for reinstatement of rightful king for peace to reign in Elete kingdom”, ” give us our right”, “Oba Moshood Olanrewaju Lawal is the Oba approved by the tradition and law”, and several others, stated that the community will only know peace until rigthful occupant to the Obaship stool is installed by the state government.
The community indigenes also told thestreetreporters.com that their protest was hinged on the imposition of Oba Nofiu Dauda Odu Owoiya, as their king by lagos state government, which they was contrary to the recommendation of February 29, 2012, of a tribunal set up to look into the crisis.
The indigenes of the community stated the five man-tribunal headed by Justice A. O. Silva, had recommended that Moshod Olanrewaju Lawal be instal as Oba of Elete Kingdom, but stated that the Lagos state government through the Commissioner for Local Government and Community Affairs, Mr. Musilim Folami had sometimes in April this year, installed Oba Nofiu Dauda as the king of the community.
An indigene of Elete community who spoke to thestreetreporters.com on the impasse, Adisatu Morenike Said: “the government should give us our right, since the imposition of the man sitting on the throne that he is not entitled to, Elete community has not know peace, we have been facing series of chaos.
The 100 years old Morenike said: “unless Moshood Olanrewaju Lawal is instal as Oba in Elete community there will be no peace”.
Another indigene of the community, Abolaji Lawal on spoke on the Tuesday’s protest said: “we came here because we want peace, we don’t want fight, we are been threatened by the stronger put on our forefathers throne.
“We have been to Alausa during the former Ayangburen of Ikorodu and former Oba of Lagos, and the state government also set up a committee afer a panel of enquiry had recommended that Oba Moshod Olanrewaju Lawal be instal as the Monarch of Elete Kingdom, but to our surprise, the state government made an alien as our King.
“We wants Moshod Olanrewaju Lawal as the Oba of Elete community not a non-indigene that was imposed on us, we want an indigene to be our king”.
Also speaking on the protest, a youth leader in the community, Oyeniyi Lawal said: ” am from Egan-Olomi I’m Elete community, and the reason for the protest was to protest against the act of the state government through the Commissioner for Local Government and Community Affairs, who imposed on us someone that is not one of us.
“We want Governor Ambode to look into protest, listen to our cries and come to aid by providing last solution to the Obaship crisis in Elete kingdom. We have three ruling houses in the kingdom and the man they made King did not belong to any of these ruling houses.
“We have been to court and the case was concluded since 2012, in favour of Moshod Olanrewaju Lawal, but the state government have been playing game with us.
“We do not want problem that is why we are appealing to Governor Ambode to come to our rescue by giving us a rightful owner to the stool”.¬†
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