Experts Link Global Warming To Deforestation, Gas Flaring

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Global WarmingExperts at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUST) Port Harcourt, Professor Nkalor Hudson Ukoima and Dr Suanu Deekae, have linked global warming to continuous deforestation and emission of gases into the atmosphere.

The two lectureRs who spoke to The Tide at separate interviews at the university also urged for more commitment towards ending illegal oil bunkering in the Niger Delta.

Professor Ukoima, who is the Head of Department of Forestry and Environment at the University, told The Tide  that the society must check the rate, trees are being cut down to reduce carbondioxide in the atmosphere.

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The university don said that more carbondioxide are now being emitted into the atmosphere to heat up the ozone layer because there are fewer trees to absorb them.

He stressed the need for the government to come up with legislations to encourage afforestation.
Professor Ukoima also described as dangerous to the environmentthe burning of bushes by farmers, stressing that, this culture must be checked to save the environment from destruction.

He said that the Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUST) has come up with series of researches that will help the society to depend less on the forest for survival.

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On his part, Dr Suanu Deekae, who is the Head of Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Environment, Faculty of Agriculture, urged for measures to check the high rate of illegal oil bunkering in the Niger Delta.

Dr Deekae said that this situation is adversely affecting fishing activities in the region.

Using Bodo Creeks as example, the university don said that the rate of oil pollution at Bodo Creeks has destroyed all forms of aquatic lives thereby rendering fishing activities unattractive.

“Bodo creeks are so polluted that no fish is found. This problem is being caused by illegal oil bunkering by youths. The solution is remediation in terms of improving the environment and making legislations to stop gas flaring,” he said.

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Dr Deekae however, used the occasion to advise those involve in illegal oil bunkering to reconsider their stand in the interest of the region.

(The Tide)

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