#NigeriaDecides: PFANN Prays For Nonviolent Elections *Why Politicians Resort To Violence

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A socio-advocacy group, Partnership For A New Nigeria (PFANN) prays for nonviolent general elections ahead of Nigeria’s polls, beginning on March 28, 2015.

At a session on Thursday in Lagos, the President/Founder of the group, Evangelist Elishama Ideh urged Nigerians to shun violence and embrace peace.

Speaking on why politicians opt for violence rather than persuasion in pursuit of their ambition while delivering her address to participants, Ideh said: “Violence is always characterised by statements peppered with undertones of aggression, intimidation and scaremongering and it is always utilised by parties, candidates and individuals who do not have anything to offer to the electorate.

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“Finding themselves unable to persuade the voting public with their ideas of policies and programmes, they resort to violence to intimidate ans coerce the public to either toe their line or desist from making their own unfettered choice.”

According to Ideh, “the unfettered will of the Nigerian people must prevail; democracy must prevail.”

For her, the real prize in this years general elections, “is not victory for any party or candidate, but a victory that is followed by reinvigorated, respectful political debate, no matter who wins.”

She noted that “the peace and stability of our nation is more precious than who triumphs at the ballot box.”

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On her own part, the President of Precious Jewel and Faculty member of the Institute of National Transformation, Rev. Juliet Binitie, urged Christians to play a practical role in politics.

“We must no longer play politics at the level of decadence we have seen in our society.”

The President/Executive Director of Citizens Rights and Empowerment Advocacy Initiative (CREMA Initiative), Comrade Rexkennedy Saltlove while speaking at the event, urged Christians and those who pray for the emergence of a new Nigeria to go beyond prayers and join political party of their choice in their electoral wards to be able to influence decisions at their area of influence.

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At the event were participants drawn from different parts of the country.

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