Obanikoro Confirmed Minister By Senate

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obanikoroThe Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on Wednesday confirmed Senator Musiliu Obanikoro as a minister.

He was appointed by President Goodluck Jonathan, but his confirmation was stalled due to yet to be substantiated allegations that Obanikoro played a key role in a purported electoral rigging in Ekiti State, after being named in an alleged tape.

The Senate approved Mr. Obanikoro’s nomination as a minister, after repeated deferments following protests fuelld  opposition All Progressives Congress (APC), who had vowed to stop his clearance.

As a former senator himself, the Senate allowed Obanikoro the traditional “take a bow and go”, without answering questions, a privilege reserved for former federal lawmakers.

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However, the APC lawmakers in protest staged a walk out from the session.

The Senate President, David Mark had reminded his colleagues that he has not been served a court order in respect of allegations against Obanikoro, insisting the screening would hold.




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