Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs Google: PSG Striker Immortalised

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Zlatan IbrahimmovicLast year it was ‘Dare to Zlatan’ and 12 months on it seems to be ‘Search Zlatan,’ following the launch of a brand new website.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has made the headlines throughout his trophy-laden career but it appears a novel way has been created to find any information purely about the maverick 32-year-old striker.

Search engine zlaaatan.com has immortalised the Paris Saint-Germain forward with the site totally devoted to the French giants’ No 10.

In a house style that is identical to Google, and operates just like the search engine, users have the option to ‘Zlatan Search’ or ‘I’m feeling Zlatan.’

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The click of the former button takes users to articles about Ibrahimovic on Google, while the latter directs them to his Wikipedia page.

In addition any results from the search bar will automatically add ‘Zlatan’ to the front – meaning he will forever be at the forefront of the news.

GoogleIt must be said though that website is neither affiliated with Ibrahimovic nor Google.

Creative director of SweetPop, the agency that came up with the website idea, Andreas Killander hopes the search engine will bring a smile to the Sweden international.

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‘We didn’t ask his permission, but we hope he sees it as an amusing experience,’ he said.

‘Our search engine is linked to Google but all the searches are Zlatanified. All the results have some link to Zlatan… if you type in Ferrari, you’ll get stuff about Zlatan’s Ferrari; if you want a recipe, you’ll get the Zlatan Burger.

‘Zlatan is an idol. He’s known the world over. That’s why we chose him.’

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  1. adventure says:

    I love what they do – I’ve followed them on YouTube for some time.

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